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Phone dominatrix

No other teen sissy trainers are as hardcore as I am. I am the ultimate strict sissy fag dominatrix. I make sure to rule my sissy slut slaves with an iron strap on! Haha! I do not let my sissies get away with anything. I may be young and tiny but I am the ultimate brat. I even made my own Daddy into my little fuck slut. Dominating my own Daddy should show that I am the ultimate phone dominatrix. I am his Princess and whenever I tell him to get on his hands and knees, he obeys. He enthusiastically begs for me to make him into my Daddy fuck whore. I love stripping him of his manhood and locking up his cock in a cage. Seeing him in mommy’s lingerie makes my little sadistic heart so happy. I love having my rape fantasy on my Daddy’s asshole using Mommy’s big black strap on cock. I made daddy take that big cock in his ass until he was nice and gaped open!

Sissy Maid Sluts

sissy maid training

I love toying around with my sissy maid faggots. Especially after getting them all dolled up in pink frilly uniform with teeny lace apron, stockings and heels! My sweet sissy maids love to wait on me hand and foot! They do whatever I say, no matter what the request is. I love getting these maid sluts into the messiest situations! First, I start by having those sissy fuck fags get railed out by my trusty fuck machine until their assholes are nice and gaped wide open. Once my sissies are nice and stretched open, I love having juicy thick cocks unloading their sticky hot cum inside of all my sissy’s faggy buttholes! They love having their assholes gaped and stretched! But this little hobby of ours can get so messy. Luckily, I have a few cum bucket sissy maids who I put in charge of cleanup. I call my little cleanup crew over to slurp the hot cum out of those used up assholes until their bellies are full!

Obey Mistress

Sissy girl training

One of the first lessons that my sissy girl fags learn is how to obey me as their mistress. You would be surprised to know that a little teen sissy trainer like me can whip a grown man into being the sissiest girly faggot on the planet. It is honestly not that hard to make even the most “manliest” man in to a sniveling little faggy cum dumpster. All I need is a few whips and tools to make any man into my own personal sissy girl slut! First things first, I need my sissy fag in training to be whipped into submission. Nothing gets a sissy to cower on his hands and knees quite like a leather cat-o-nine tails lashing the flesh on their ass and back. Then comes the fun punishment. I love taking the most massive strap-on dildos in my arsenal and having those fags gag and choke on them until they either pass out or throw up- no exceptions. What can I say, I love being a sadistic sissy trainer!

Forced BBC!

Phone dominatrix

My new sissy boyfriend insists that he isn’t a faggot like my other personal sissy faggots. But I seem to think that everyone has a little faggot in them. They just need to learn how to cock worship huge cocks and they will realize just how much of a sissy they are! And what better way to train my boyfriend’s hot mouth than forcing him to please and worship the big black cock next store. I have had my eye on that hunky black cock since he has moved in and I couldn’t wait to introduce my forced sissy slut to gag on that 11 inch thick, veiny meat stick. I told my boyfriend that I had a very special guest coming for dinner, but little did he know, it would be a spit roast. The hot black neighbor was glad to help out and he had no issue forcing my boyfriend’s tight throat down on his giant anaconda cock! I forced my boyfriend’s ass cheeks open and pounded him like the fag he is with my huge black strapon! We force spit roasted my sissy slut boyfriend all night until he begged for more! See, I always knew I could make a sissy out of him!

Forced Feminization Fun!

Forced feminization

My little sissies benefit greatly from me force feminizing them and turning them into girly fags! It makes my little sadistic heart thump so fast and hard whenever I see their little faggot cocks pressed up against a pair of dirty silky, lace panties! I take great pleasure in taking them to the shopping mall and making them try on the girliest fag outfits that I can find. I love having everyone stare at them as they are forced to do twirls in poofy pink summer dresses and bend over for me! I make them spread their ass cheeks and show everyone their little tight fag fuck holes and pathetic dickies! It is even better when I dress them up like girly whores and make them seduce men and take them into the dressing rooms. I make my little sissies into faggot traps with wigs, makeup and stockings. Then they have to be fucked like good little whores in the dressing rooms while the whole store watches.

BBC Sissy Gangbang

BBC Sissy Trainer

My sissies deserve a nice reward occasionally after they have behaved all week long. From dusting all my shelves to licking up the dirt off the bathroom floor, my sissy has been a good little fag. My good little sissy has now earned a tummy full of cummies. I got my faggy dressed up in frilly black lace stockings, lacy panties and a little school girl outfit for his special surprise. My sissy was greeted by 5 big huge black cocks. My excited slutty sissy whore excitedly lapped up those cocks in his warm faggy mouth and slurped down that pre-cum. My sissy slut whore swallowed that cock deep down his throat. My sissy fag cock whore took at those cocks in his mouth and I lifted up his school girl skirt and he got his fag fuck hole stretched open with that thick meaty cock until it got all dirty. Then my sissy cleaned that cock off with his mouth and sucked those cummies right down his throat.

Jerry is Our New Toy

Phone dominatrix

I had a very interesting conversation the other day with our resident subby slut whore, Robyn. She is now learning how to be a sadistic domme like me and teach little pathetic losers how to worship us like princesses. We both talked to the infamous subby bitch, Jerry Zieger from Philadelphia! Jerry told us how much he loves being Katelyn and Treasure’s personal little bitch. He told us how much he loves being used and abused and taunted for being a subby whore. He can’t even know when we cum! Haha! His pathetic cock has been sounded and abused for so long, it’s all fucked up and stretched out! Robyn and I love to laugh at his abuse from shoving glass down his fucked up pee hole and a lit birthday candle. I would love to watch Jerry get his busted peanut squashed, tied, up and abused so I could laugh at his expense, but only if he pays me of course. I would never even associate with a man unless I’m paid.

humiliation phone sex

Stretching Out My Sissies

Sissy girl training

My little sissy faggies need to get their fag holes stretched every single day after their daily chores. My personal faggot slaves love getting their daily stretching. They work tirelessly to finish their chores. I make those nasty sissies lick up all the leftover cummies on the floor from our last play time with their pink tongues. They got to work on those thick goopy globs of leftover cum and made sure to polish my black leather boots with their tongues. I made sure my sissy slaves were locked up tightly in their girly little pink cock cages. I have all of my sissies line up in a row on their hands and knees while I pull out my big strap on dildos. Each of my sissies must beg to get stretched out by mistress’s thick strap ons. I brought out the small white ones first that were 9 inches and then eventually I went bigger and bigger to really stretch those fag holes!

My Sissy Slave Whore

Domination phone sex

I have the most perfect sissy slave whores ever, I make sure that I train them extremely well. My personal panty boy slaves are leashed around their pathetically limp dickies while I give them orders. First, Mistress’ patent leather boots need to be licked clean. I better be able to see my own pretty reflection in those big boots and if they are a good little sissy, I will step on them with my pointy heel while they scrub the bath tubs clean. I keep my sissies in line by making them stay naked while they please their Mistress and do their chores. They can earn their frilly sissy whore outfits piece by piece. Everything from their sweet ruffled panties, nylons and bras must be earned by pleasuring Mistress’ clients and cleaning up after their Mistress. After all, it is important to train sissy slaves on how to be obedient little skanks. If they misbehave, harsh punishments will be dealt out on their sissy dicklets!

Rewarding My Sissy

sissy training audio

My sissy slave slut has behaved so well. My good faggy boi has listened so well to Mistress. He has been such a good sissy boy sucking on those big black cocks for me. My perfect sissy boy has gotten all dressed up, prim and proper and scrubbing the floors. I didn’t even have to step on him for not cleaning fast enough. He got on his hands and knees and scrubbed the dirty grout around the toilet and in the bath tub. My good sissy boy always rubs his mistress’ feet and lathers my feet with his pink sissy boy tongue. When my sissy is a good slut, I love rewarding him by buying him a cute little outfit and pulling his little dicklet out of his cute lace panties and stroke his dicklet until it is throbbing in my hand. My sissy loves his mistress’ stroke and if he has been an extra good boy, mistress will have another sissy come and suck him off.

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