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Sissy phone chatHere I am just laying on my bed & having super kinky sissy phone chat all night long with sissy cuck after sissy cuck! I just called up my big cock fuck buddy to come over to my house and fuck me so that my sissy cuck boys that I am training can hear me get fucked by his massive dick. My sissy cucks stroke their tiny peepees while they listen to their Goddess get shafted by thick long daddy cock! All of my pervy sissy cucks go above and beyond for their Mistress and always send a pretty tribute to purchase my sexy high heels so that they can fill them up with cum and fuck them as they envision it as my perfect pussy. Haha they can keep on dreaming because they will never get their filthy hands on this delicious body of mine, it’s reserved for big cocks only! My sissy cucks have the most devious & naughtiest imaginations and love being able to use my sexy stilettos as containers for their cum!

Dominating Jerry’s Wallet

Phone dominationDomination phone sexMy sexy naughty lil’ friend Katelyn is my owner and I am her submissive cunt. Together we have phone domination over pathetic piggy Jerry and drain his fat fucking wallet. He loves us and how we are able to disappear & place him on hold while masturbating without telling him or giving him any sort of warning whatsoever. He does not deserve to know when the fuck we are pleasuring ourselves!  All we have to do is fill up our syringes full of meth and inject him with it and he will continue to let us disintegrate his bank account all day long. That’s all that Jerry is good for and all that Katelyn and I give a fuck about anyways! If you don’t benefit us in a lucrative manner then we don’t fucking want you! Our financial needs are all that matters. Plus, Katelyn and I are size queens and Jerry’s pathetic little cock is so fucking hilariously small. Haha! Her and I are constantly cracking up at how it twitches while it attempts to get hard for us as he strokes it like the pathetic little pay piggy that he is. We tied him up to the bed so that he was laying spread eagle with his tiny pee pee wannabe scrotum sack on display for everyone to see! Katelyn had a whole bag full of paper clips for us heat up and brand & tattoo his cock with so that everyone knew who the fuck he belonged to! We blindfolded his pathetic face so that he couldn’t see all the fun that Katelyn and I had while we dominated the fuck out of him. I shot up his pee pee hole with meth and made sure to unleash every last drop into his blood stream! Jerry loves that we deliberately force him to be intoxicated with drugs and under our sexually erotic spell. He is too much fun to use and abuse and we love having domination phone sex with him! 😉

When you see me make a wish

Sissy trainingI’m the shit, take a whiff. Do you think you deserve me?! Hmmmm well everyone does but the executive decision is ultimately up to me. I know you wish that I was your full time sissy slave trainer but the fact of the matter is that I am in high demand and I can only do so much! My time is precious and i’m super selective with who I give my superior sissy training knowledge to. You need to prove yourself to me and show me why you think you’re so deserving of my utmost skills. Pathetic sissies are such toys to me and you all need to be trained however some of you are so fucking worthless it’s like you’re better off in the trash can rather than wasting my fucking life with your stupidity. I’m a high-class goddess and i’m a cold ass slut. Fuck bitches, get money… that’s the anthem! Send a tribute to start it off and explain to me in detail why you think you would be a good fit and addition to my beautiful life. I don’t have time for idiots! If you’re a good sissy then i will happily welcome you into my world of deviancy and domination. Prove your worth you little bitch you. 😉

Surrender to me

Sissy slave trainingYou’re walking around the house with your sissy clitty dangling down between your legs as you fantasize about who is gonna be the lucky cock that is going to get to fuck my perfect pussy next. This beautiful goddess hole of mine is so fucking full of cum from being pounded out non-stop. I’m so swollen but that’s exactly how I prefer to be! You are over in the corner masturbating your pathetic sissy clitty and daydreaming about how good it might feel to shove yourself deep into my cum-filled cunt like all the other luck horny real men get to do. Why don’t you shift your thinking and go worry about your bank account and how much i’m fuckin draining you all in the name of domination and erotic gratification. I love putting your heart in a blender and still you surrender your whole being to me, lol you truly are a lost cause! You’re such a worthless little bitch! Bow down and kiss my pretty toes while I pat you on the head and tell you what good sissy pet you are. Your sissy slave training really is coming along swimmingly.

Online sissy training with your Princess

Online sissy trainingI look at myself and completely understand why all these horny sissy boys go stupid crazy for me when they go through their online sissy training with me. They love it when I call them bitches while not giving a single fuck about their feelings whatsoever. It gets me off to make dozens upon dozens of sissies fall in love with me by simply existing and being my dominant self. Resisting me doesn’t work, we both know where you’re going to end up! Your manhood is slipping away from you one stroke at a time. I need to peg you and teach you a lesson which is dangerous because I could essentially fuck you for as long as I possibly wanted. Your embarrassment is going to be my complete joy & cause me to orgasm hard. We all know that you are an incredibly weak boy that needs to be led by a Goddess like me. You are just another sissy bitch boy to me which is funny because you love me more than anything & anyone! Show me your lack of self control & morals, I wanna see what kind of sissy you truly are! Once a beta, always a beta & it’s time for you to embrace your loser life with your Princess Arabella. XOXO

Get me prepped and clean me up

Phone dominationNothing gets me hornier than having total phone domination over my slutty sissies. Their job is to get me prepped and ready to take big fat cock deep inside of my perfect little pussy. The wetter I am the better! My sissies know that I only fuck massive dicks so they really have to put their tongues to work while getting me nice & juicy for the delicious boners that await me. Before I have sex and after too, I make them slave away on my beautiful body! When i’m nice and filled up with cum is when they really get to enjoy themselves. It’s such an honor for me to designate my sissies as my cum lickers. If they’re special enough to be able to get between my sexy legs and clean me up then they know to really consider themselves lucky! I’m a very picky sissy trainer and I only select those who I feel are truly deserving. My standards are super high and it’s a fucking privilege to even be in my presence let alone to physically touch on my goddess frame. Load after load of delicious cum piles up inside of my princess pussy, the perfect treat for a sissy of my choice! Will it be you?! Maybe if you’re blessed enough!

All about my pleasure

Sissy phone chatWhen we have sissy phone chat, it’s all about me and my pleasure. Nothing and no one else matters! My sexy voice and cockiness keeps these sissy losers wrapped around my sexy fingers. It’s your job to make your Mistress feel so fucking wet and so fucking horny. Your ultimate goal is to make me orgasm as many times as humanly possible. A Goddess like me has countless amounts of sissy boy toys because it is absolutely essential and necessary! I’m in charge and I will do as I please, always! I look hott as fuck per usual with my hair & nails done and all dressed up in my sexiest outfit. High heels and short skirts are my favorite but I think I look my best when i’m butt ass naked wearing nothing besides my soft beautiful skin. I decided to take my Sissy boy toy out of town with me to Hawaii to have some fun in the sun. What better place than paradise to have lots of naughty play time with the sissies who mean the most! Of course I get taken care of and spoiled like the Queen that I am. Spa days, Michelin star restaurants, the best hotel suites… everything is the utmost high class for my perfect fucking ass! I love bringing men home with us that we pick up while we’re out and about on the town so that I can use them for my sexual gratification. My Sissy loves watching me get fucked by other men with real large cocks and filled with tons of cum. I love being cleaned up and having my pussy licked after I have all that creamy jizz ejaculated deep up inside of me. I make out with my Sissy and cum swap the fertile sperm back and forth while I masturbate and use what’s left inside of me as lube. These other sissy trainers really need to take a lesson from me because my sissies are the fucking best, hands down. 😉

Slutty sissies are my toys

Sissy pantiesI love having a slutty sister that gets off to cumming in her pretty little sissy panties. You look sooo cute in your thigh highs & garter belt as you rub your clitty with your vibrator. Using you as my personal sissy toy is quite frankly my favorite hobby. You’re still developing into the naughtiest sissy that you can possibly become and I am there to guide you along every step of the way with my superior training skills. Let’s go shopping for some new outfits so that we can really have some fun playing dress up! Your bra and underwear match your bright pink lipstick that you have on those dick sucking lips of yours. Would you like it if I whipped out my big black cock strap-on and shattered your pretty little pussy open wide with it?! Well, I don’t really give a fuck what you think, I just like to tease you and see your opinion on how much it’s going to hurt to have such a massive chocolate shaft plunged into your pretty princess body. Your pink panties will be pushed to the side as you take a big ole’ fat dick like a good sissy should. You’re so eager, i’ve never seen anything like it! I guess you could say that my BBC training has paid off well. 😉

Bow Down Sissy

Best sissy trainerI really need a personal little toy to play with that I can mold and shape into my very own Barbie princess! I am the best sissy trainer and once i’m through with you, your life as you once knew it as a faggot bitch boy will be over. It’s going to take a lot of dedicated training but I know that you are more than capable of morphing into my slutty fuck doll. Once I have you under my wing and trained to full extent, you will be the prettiest princess in all of the land! Come step into my huge walk-in closet full of every article of fashion that your sissy heart could possibly desire! It shouldn’t even be considered a closet, it’s more like a high-end shopping mall! Help yourself to anything you see and want. Stiletto heels, designer bags, sexy lingerie & stockings and all the jewelry & accessories a naughty girl could ever dream of! You’re such a shy femboy but not to worry, I will have you broken out of your shell in no time! You won’t even remember who the fuck you were prior to me getting my pretty sissy training hands on you. This is your new-found life so you better get used to it you dirty little princess you!

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